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Sourcing solid oak flooring while preserving and caring for forests

solid oak trees and forests

The UK government has made preserving our natural forests a priority, as sourcing building materials like solid oak for things like solid oak flooring needs to be done in an ethical way. In previous years people have have cut down forests and solid woods like oak without giving a thought to where future generations are going to get their wood from and the environmental impact that it has. Oak and other hardwoods are particularly troublesome, in the sense that it takes hundreds of years before oak trees reach full maturity.

Making solid oak a priority

The reason that it is so important to get our deforestation of oak trees just right is because oak is such a widely used wood. Things like solid oak flooring and oak beams are extremely common in a great deal of homes and its popularity is only growing. Our message isn’t to tell people that they should not use woods and hardwoods in the homes, simply that they should be aware of where their wood is sourced from. People should look to check with their manufacturer and supplier to ensure that the materials that they used are sourced from sustainable forests that companies like iWood do.

It is estimated that the use of solid oak has increased by almost 50% in the last decade, this means more and more of this type of wood is going to be needed if the demand is to be kept up with. There are many ways that this growth and demand can be dealt with, for example it is becoming more and more common to recycle oak flooring which helps cut down on the number of trees that are actually cut down. So wherever you are getting your oak or other hardwoods from be sure that you always check that they are sourced ethically and sustainability because our environment depends on it. Anyone know

Saving our forests with ethically sourced wallpaper direct

Preserving our natural forest can be done extremely easily these days by substituting common household items with the ones that have been sourced from sustainable forests. Getting things like wallpaper direct from manufacturers that take steps to ensure that their products are made from part recycled materials would be a big step forward for people in the UK. The use of papers in its various forms has a huge impact on the environment, in fact creating papers is the number one reason that the majority of trees in our forests are actually cut down and used.

How recycling can be done with wallpaper direct

natural forest recycled wallpaper

It isn’t so much the recycling of wallpaper direct itself that actually makes these wallpapers environmentally friendly. Rather it is the inclusion I’ve already recycled papers into the actual paper composition that makes all the difference. The way that consumers themselves can make a difference to ensuring that they use more papers with the recycled materials in them, is to check with their suppliers and only use styles that have incorporated these techniques.

All kinds of forests and are actually chopped down and used in materials like wallpapers. Make no mistake though, the responsibility is also on consumers as well as suppliers to ensure that our forests does not end there, there are a massive range of household items that can be easily substituted for their more sustainable counterparts in order to help the environment. So whether you’re buying something  like a solid oak floor or whether you’re selecting wallpapers or other materials, you really can make a difference by being cautious about where and who to buy your goods from.